1000g granular filling machine
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Semi-Auto Powder & Granular Filling Machine
This machine can perform filling and dosing operations. It is applicable to both powder and granular, like coffee powder, wheat flour, peanut, oatmeal, seeds, white sugar, salt, dyestuff, and so on.

Model PGF-999
Filling Mode  Fill By Weight 
Control system Load cell & PC controller
Hopper Capacity hopper 30kg for powder
Filling  Weight Range 25-999g
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Filling speed 5 – 10 bags/Min
Power supply Single Phase 240V  50/60Hz 
Total Power 0.2 KW
Total Weight 30kg
Overall Dimensions 380x660x1320mm

1: Fully 304 stainless steel structure.
2: High quality & accuracy weighing scale system.
3: One-piece hopper quick disconnected and easy for cleaning.
4: Easy to set/change filling weight.

The machine can be customized according to customer’s special requirement..

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